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Setôrē Oil is your natural remedy for cold sores.

Cold sores are most contagious when broken blisters are present. Setore Oil naturally treats cold sores and helps to protect your cold sore from being contagious.

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Setôrē Oil - 100% Natural Ingredients

Organic Sesame Oil
French Shallots
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark
Organic Black Pepper
Organic Peppermint
Organic Tea Tree
Organic Lemon Grass
High Altitude French Lavender


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Your Natural Remedy For Cold Sores

Cold Sores Cause You Pain and Discomfort

When you are suffering from cold sores (fever blisters), you are not only feeling pain and discomfort from the sores themselves but, you are also facing the embarrassing feeling of going on with day to day activities. Such as going to work, school or grocery shopping.

Setore Oil is a natural solution for cold sores for all skin types. Each bottle contains peppermint oil, lavender, and tea tree oil and sesame oil – all of which are proven for treating and preventing cold sores.

Tea tree, lavender, peppermint and sesame oils combination of active properties naturally relieve, treat and prevent cold sores.

Peppermint oil, when applied to the blisters invites a cooling and warming sensation which acts as an effective anesthetic that leaves the skin numb to pain and reduces redness, itchiness, and inflammation.

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties which offer comfort to painful blisters while inhibiting bleeding, and even promoting the healing of scars.

Lavender oil has anti-microbial properties providing relief to blisters by decreasing pain and inhibiting bleeding while at the same time eliminating bacteria from the sore.

Sesame Oil is packed full of antioxidants and vitamin E to help repair damaged skin. Additionally sesame oil creates a layer of protection to minimize your cold sore from being contagious.

Cold sores cause you pain and discomfort and leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. With the aid of Setore oil and its powerful properties, you can manage your pain and discomfort while naturally treating your cold sore. Get Setore Oil today!

What Is A Cold Sore?

Cold sores, or “fever blisters” are very-small, fluid-filled blisters which form on and around the lips. They are very common and often form in clusters. When a cold sore cracks a crust forms over the blister and will generally heal – with no scarring, after two-four weeks.

How Do Cold Sores Form

Cold sores are spread from close contact such as kissing. The sores are caused by a herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and are closely related to the virus that causes herpes (HSV-2). Both viruses can be spread through oral sex and can affect your mouth and, genitalia. Cold sores, and herpes, can be spread when no sores are visible.

Is There A Cure For Your Cold Sore?

No, there is no cure for HSV infection. The blisters can return at any time, however, there are antiviral medications that can be taken to help the cold sores heal faster and even reduce how often they return.

Cold Sore Symptoms

Those who experience cold sores may feel the following;

Itching & Tingling – Many people feel the onset of a cold sore coming a day or two before the sores are actually visible. An itching, tingling and burning sensation may be felt around the lips before a tiny, hard and painful spot appears and bursts into blisters.

Blisters – Tiny, fluid-filled blisters normally occur along the outer edge of the lips where the skin meets the face, but may also appear on the cheeks or around the nose.

Crusting & Oozing – The tiny, fluid-filled blisters may join and burst, leaving hollow, open sores that will ooze and then crust over.
The signs and symptoms of cold sores may vary, depending on if this is the first outbreak or a recurrence. They can last several days, and the blisters can take up to two to four weeks to heal thoroughly. When cold sores recur, they generally appear in the same spot and are less severe than the first outbreak.

Those contracting a cold sore outbreak for the first time may also experience swollen lymph nodes, painful eroded gums and muscle aches. As well as a headache, fever and sore throat.

When To Seek Medical Attention

Cold sores typically clear up without any treatment, but, if you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention from a doctor.

Have severe symptoms
A weak immune system
Irritation in the eyes
Persistent & recurring cold sores
The cold sores do not heal after two weeks

Causes Of Cold Sores

Cold sores are provoked by certain strains of the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The strain HSV-1 normally causes cold sores, while the strain HSV-2 normally causes herpes. That being said, either strain can cause sores on the face and/or genitals. Nearly all people infected with the HSV-1 virus never experience any signs or symptoms.

Cold sores a most contagious when broken blisters are present. But, with that being said, cold sores may still be transferred even when blisters aren’t present. The HSV-1 virus may even be spread through sharing towels, utensils, and razors. Oral sex can spread HSV-1 to the genitals and HSV-2 to the lips.

After the first herpes outbreak, the virus lays dormant in the skin’s nerve cells but, may resurface later as another cold sore in the same spot. Cold sores may be triggered by:

Exposure to sunlight or wind
Changes in the immune system
Viral infection or fever
Hormonal changes ie. menstruation

Risk Factors And Complications

A shocking 90% of adults worldwide test positive for the virus that causes cold sores – even if they’ve never experienced any symptoms of the infection. Those who have weakened immune systems are at an increased risk of complications from the virus. Conditions and treatments which may increase the possibility of complications include:

Severe burns
Anti-rejection drugs for organ transplants


A few people experience complications from the cold sore virus in other areas of the body, including:

Eyes – The cold sore virus can cause eye infections, and, in recurring infections, the virus can cause injury and scarring. In some cases, this may cause vision problems and blindness.

Fingertips – Each virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2, may be spread to the fingers – commonly known as herpes whitlow.

Widespread areas of the skin – Those who have the skin condition known as eczema are at an increased risk of the virus spreading all across their bodies – a possible medical emergency.

Additional organs – The cold sore virus can also affect the brain and spinal cord in those with weakened immune systems.

Cold Sore Prevention

If you are at a higher risk for severe complications or develop cold sores frequently, your doctor may prescribe you an antiviral medication to be taken on a regular basis. If sunlight’s a trigger for a cold sore outbreak, apply sunscreen to the area where the blisters form.

To avoid spreading the cold sore virus to others, and to other areas of your body, practice these stay safe precautions.

Keep your hands clean – Wash your hands frequently should you have a cold sore outbreak, especially if you are handling a baby.

Avoid sharing items – Lip balm, toothbrushes, towels and utensils spread the cold sore virus easily when blisters are present.
Avoid skin-to-skin contact when blisters are present – The cold sore virus spreads easily when there is moist excretion from the blisters.

Natural Cold Sore Treatment Testimonials

“Your Setore Oil is works magic on my cold sores. It amazes me how fast your oil works, and i love that it is natural.“
Trisha P - Virginia

“Wow..its all I can say. I have tried so many natural solutions for my cold sores. This product works the fastest. Great Natural Product, Thank you”

Gabby L, New Orleans

“I am happy to have met Eugene in Costa Rica. Eugene, your oil works like nothing I have ever tried Thank you and Pura Vida”

John M - California

“Setore Oil is my favorite go-to solution for any cold sore I feel coming on. It works fast and its all natural. Perfect. Thanks!”

Robbie P, Toronto

Setôrē Oil Is Originally From Costa Rica

Setôrē Costa Rica Skin Solution is proud to be a Costa Rican company. We started out manufacturing Setôrē Oil by hand in our laboratory in Costa Rica

We also our proud to source most of our ingredients from premium suppliers including gardeners, growers and herbalists mostly located in beautiful in Costa Rica.

Setôrē Costa Rica Skin Solution is a unique company with passionate team members and partners all sharing a natural remedy for all skin types and most skin conditions.



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